Saturday, 19 March 2011

every angle exposed

watch us watch you watching him watch us it's true.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


mouse on the keys played the dome in archway err....I think it was on Saturday. I was asked to DJ inbetween the bands, below was the played selection.

But more importantly, the bands supporting Mouse on the Keys were phenomenal.
TANGLED HAIR (alan smashed it solo-style)

click the links and enjoy some nu moosik.

We have begun recording the second record. See you in fifteen songs..


Sunday, 27 February 2011


thank you
everyone on the continent
who has so far
attended a concert
shoes and socks off
and special bands we've played alongside. periscope, the kabeedies, casse brique and nico's untitled week-long project.
we have one week left and then some kind of home counties//london tour will occur.
i would post pictures but i can't find any.
except this..

more news on album number two and a video S O O N .

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

London show added

So....We're playing a show at the Old Blue Last on the 8th March. It's totally free to get in, and Shoes and Socks will probably be playing (we're still waiting to hear about that).



Friday, 14 January 2011



Hello all.

It gives me GREAT pleasure to announce an impending run of shows around Europe with the delightfully lovely Shoes and Socks Off

Check these out:

01.02.11 UK Milton Keynes - Craufurd Arms*

03.02.11 NL Haarlem - Patronaat
04.02.11 NL Arnhem - Luxor
05.02.11 BE Aiseau Presles - MJ
06.02.11 DE Heidelberg – Zum Teufel
07.02.11 DE Duisburg - Steinbruch
08.02.11 DE Trier – Ex-Haus
09.02.11 BE Brussels – DNA
10.02.11 BE Brussels – private show (accoustic)
11.02.11 FR Rouen – Emporium Galorium
12.02.11 FR Rennes – Appartment show (accoustic)
13.02.11 FR Strasbourg – TBA (show confirmed, venue TBA)
14.02.11 FR Cologne – Aetherblissement
15.02.11 DE Frankfurt - Sinkkasten Arts Club
16.02.11 DE Leipzig – KUB Gallerie (accoustic Afternoon show)
16.02.11 DE Leipzig - Sweat Club
17.02.11 DE Berlin – Levee Club (ex- Bang Bang Club)
18.02.11 CZ Pragua – Chapeau rouge
19.02.11 DE Stuttgart – Zwoelfzehn
20.02.11 DE Regensburg – Heimat
21.02.11 DE Bremen – MS treue
22.02.11 DE Chemnitz – AJZ
23.02.11 DE Kiel – Schaubude
24.02.11 DE Hamburg - KulturhausIII&70
25.02.11 DE Freiburg - Swamp
26.02.11 LUX Luxembourg – D:qliq
27.02.11 IT Milano – Circolo Magnolia
28.02.11 IT Vigevano – Cooperativa Portalupi
02.03.11 ES Barcelona - Sala Moog
03.03.11 ES Madrid - La pequeña Betty
04.03.11 ES A Coruña: - Casa da Silva
05.03.11 ES San Sebastián - Bukowski Bar
06.03.11 FR Bordeaux – TBA
07.03.11 FR Paris – l'International TBC

09.03.11 UK - Guildford - Boiler Room*

*Shoes and Socks Off not performing.

So... That's a pretty long tour. Will we survive? Who knows.

We will be selling new T shirts on tour, and when we return to England they will be available online. For those of you who are thinking "Mainland Europe is so far from my home in Dudley/Port Talbot/Penrith" I just have two words for you: Ryanair and Hostels.

Go figure.

For possibly the last time,

Tom, James, Jo and David.

Monday, 29 November 2010


Jamie placed two microphones in Tom's brother Charlie's bedroom and Dave pressed record. At some point of time in December, you will be able to listen to what was observed and captured with the help of the two microphones and the memory devices. In the meantime, the tracklisting was as follows...

1.Pennyroyal Tea
2.A Thing For You
3.D* T*** K*** I** C********

The songs will be free to download via our bandcamp page, to celebrate the sacred opening of Christ's Mouth in December.

Tasty Treats, once and for all.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

P • Ø • H • M


Here it is again, light hoisting its terrible bells.
As though a world might wake up with it –

The moon shuts its eye. Down in the street
the same trolley is playing the pavestones.

For twenty-five years I've been waking
this way. There was one morning

when my mother woke and felt a twitch
inside, like the shifting of curtains.

She woke and so did I. I was like a bird
beating. She had no time for anaesthetic.

We just rolled from each other like indecent genies.
Even the nurses were startled.

Now she says the world and I were eager
from the start. But I was only waking.

P • Ø • H • M by Emma Jones, extracted from the Faber and Faber published collection The Striped World.

Saturday, 27 November 2010



Thank you for the spoken observation there, member of a predominantly Scottish // Glaswegian audience.

For our own personal preference, we shall attempt to endeavor that the public perception of our music is to be left unhindered by the apparently obvious nature of our nationalities, allowing more scope for interpretation towards the music and the Michael Jackson sheet.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Tour shirts by our favourite John Bingle. His bones are truly Rainboliatric.

Saturday, 23 October 2010


"more than a simple man, not just a footballer, crafted from the cities of Brazil, to eventually rule the world"

I love mythos.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

* * * * *

since tour Allun and myself have been teaching Tube Ships how to...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

C.K. Williams

All But Always

If you were to possess a complicated
apparatus composed of many
intricate elements and operating
through a number of apparently unpredictable
processes, and if it were asked of you
to specify which parts of this contrivance
you had fabricated and which had come
to you already shaped and assembled,
which of its workings you'd conceived of
and set in motion yourself
and which were already under way
when it came into your posession,

and if you were unable to give
an unqualified response to these questions,
but were forced to admit that you
couldn't say with certainty whether
the activities of the thing were your doing
or the result of some other agency,
or even if its real purposes
had been decided by you, or anyone,
whether there was even a reason
for its being, other than
its always having been,
as far back as you can recall.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


We almost cancelled this tour you know, which wouldn't have made a good start to any form of touring would it? The reason behind this was due to my vocal chords crapping out on me. Which obviously, wouldn't have made a good start to any form of touring, especially when the tour involves a rather consistently extensive use of the already damaged vocal chords. Taking into consideration the fact that we wouldn't mind recording a new album after said tour, it wouldn't make for a good album if I was unable to sing the already composed vocal takes.
Therefore I am resting my singing duties for the tour, both in Ireland and the UK.
Fortunately enough, our wonderful friend Alan Welsh (pictured on bus) of Tangled Hair/Colour talents has offered to feel my plimsolls, engrain into his memory our sorry excuse for lyrics and sing a long lots of songs with us and you and all.
He's worried you're going to boo him. So don't. Because he is well good at doing what he is going to be doing on the tour. But if you think otherwise whilst experiencing the gig, just don't boo. You know, that's just a bit out of order. I mean...Maybe you burnt your toast for breakfast this morning, and Alan didn't come over to your house and boo you because you are rubbish at making toast. So just, wait until you get home from the gig, and tweet about it or something.


How have you all been? We've missed you a lot. It's been too long. We're getting fidgety, conversations running amok like so...

Must do something soon.
But we've dun that before.
With Tall Ships?
But it was so much fun.
Yeah you're right...
Shall we just do it again?

Friday, 27 August 2010


Reading Herriman's strip Krazy Kat,
Published February 23rd, 1941.
Iconographical associations with the moon being surrounded by an as of yet, untitled, compounded shape making use of the circle, square and triangle.
It appears to be conscientiously embedded throughout our society to outwardly express ourselves with the three forms colliding for the greater good.

I'm sticking to mine.

Friday, 20 August 2010


I already told you about that piece of the pie.
Your mouth is too small and would never have allowed the crust any room for dancing.
Digestive tract.
Swing a cat.
James and his Giant muddy feet.
Wave your branches
Wave your branches
Wave your branches in the air.
Now wave them like you just don't care.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Wellcum to
this is it.
A tour beckons soon, once again with our super-duper buddies Tall Ships for the UK and a band called Axis for Ireland. Dates can be found in the 'Tour' section.

The smash-hit EP 'Tezcatlipoca' has been slightly delayed for reasons beyond our control. Although I'll let you in on a secret....The mesh on my screen split, thus determining it a useless object. I was devasted for a while but subsequent to a brief trip to visit Castro in Berlin, all problems cease to exist and I'm three of the six-layers in. Apologies but it'll be worth the wait I promise.

Thank you to our good friend Guppy for creating the site, click on the links page to see/hear more from his bad self.

So this is it. A new EP upon us, a split series 7" from Brighton-based One Inch Badge Records will be released soon enough (cover can be seen somewhere, click, hold and scroll) and album number two is coming along nicely. By the time of tour we'll be 12 songs strong and only a few to go before the recording process begins post-tour.

I'm getting tired of words, basically...this is how we feel in video form...