Thursday, 9 September 2010


We almost cancelled this tour you know, which wouldn't have made a good start to any form of touring would it? The reason behind this was due to my vocal chords crapping out on me. Which obviously, wouldn't have made a good start to any form of touring, especially when the tour involves a rather consistently extensive use of the already damaged vocal chords. Taking into consideration the fact that we wouldn't mind recording a new album after said tour, it wouldn't make for a good album if I was unable to sing the already composed vocal takes.
Therefore I am resting my singing duties for the tour, both in Ireland and the UK.
Fortunately enough, our wonderful friend Alan Welsh (pictured on bus) of Tangled Hair/Colour talents has offered to feel my plimsolls, engrain into his memory our sorry excuse for lyrics and sing a long lots of songs with us and you and all.
He's worried you're going to boo him. So don't. Because he is well good at doing what he is going to be doing on the tour. But if you think otherwise whilst experiencing the gig, just don't boo. You know, that's just a bit out of order. I mean...Maybe you burnt your toast for breakfast this morning, and Alan didn't come over to your house and boo you because you are rubbish at making toast. So just, wait until you get home from the gig, and tweet about it or something.


How have you all been? We've missed you a lot. It's been too long. We're getting fidgety, conversations running amok like so...

Must do something soon.
But we've dun that before.
With Tall Ships?
But it was so much fun.
Yeah you're right...
Shall we just do it again?

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